Devotional Ruminations: Romans 16:20

There are occasions when we encounter a verse or passage of Scripture that makes us do a double take. Romans 16:20 was one of those verses for me. I included the verse followed by five devotional ruminations.  The ruminations will include basic observations and questions (some of which will remain unanswered). You will be disappointed if you are looking for exegetical discussions and conclusions.

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you (Romans 16:20, ESV)

  1. The primary observation is the striking contrast between “…God of peace…” and “…will soon crush…”  The terms “peace” and “crush” are not normally in such close proximity.  This is further highlighted by the unexpected inclusion of a violent word like “crush” between two graceful Christian virtues like “peace” and “grace.” We should not pass over such arresting language too quickly.  This is the kind of language that compels us to reflect.
  2. The co-existing acts of bringing peace and crushing the enemy are not contradictory. There is a divine “peace through strength” component to this verse. Is the crushing of the Evil One a reference to Revelation 20:7-10?
  3. Paul expresses a confidence in the fulfillment of the promise that goes all the way back to Genesis 3:15.  “The God of peace will…” He knows this will happen in the fullness of time.  God’s purposes cannot be thwarted.
  4. Paul expresses an imminence to the defeat of Satan. “The God of peace will soon…”  God will carry out His victorious work in the near future.
  5. Paul expresses a personal aspect to this.  “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.” What does this mean?

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