The Prodigal Son in Song

I recently preached a series of messages from Luke 14-15. I came across a hymn based on the parable of the lost son, commonly known as the prodigal son, from Luke 15:11-32. I had not heard the song before. I appreciated the message of the song and how it’s centered on the father’s love.

Hear a child demand his freedom,
Grasping for life,
Careless with his greatest treasure:
All his Father’s love.

Through the years of waste and wandering
So far from home,
Still a waiting heart is watching
With a Father’s love.

How the Father runs to meet him!
See their embrace!
Sin is turned to joy and promise
By a Father’s love.

Still a waiting heart is calling
All far from home.
Come and know this sweet forgiveness.
Find your Father’s love.

Words by Ken Bible
Music: Traditional Folk Tune; arr. by Ken Bible
© 2006 by

You can find the text and tune here and listen to an MP3 recording here.


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