An Eternal Perspective on Personal Finances

When we see money as a toy to play with instead of a tool to impact eternity, our vision becomes shortsighted and unfocused.  As a result, our financial decisions and lifestyles become equally shortsighted and unfocused.  Instead of acting like God’s money managers, we live foolishly and wastefully, taking our cues not from the Owner, but from the world around us, which neither knows nor cares about what God wants us to do with his money.  We need to learn to think and live differently.  As Martin Luther put it, ‘There are three conversions necessary in the Christian life: the conversion of the heart, the mind, and the purse.’

We were made for a person and a place.  Jesus is the person and Heaven is the place.  Letting this eternal perspective pervade our lives—including our view of what it means to be God’s money managers—will unlock the door to exhilarating Christian discipleship, where ‘following Christ’ is not a comforting yet meaningless cliché but an electrifying, life-changing reality
(Randy Alcorn, Managing God’s Money: A Biblical Guide [Carol Stream, Ill.: Tyndale, 2011], xiv).


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