ESV Study Bible Paperback Available

Crossway has published a softcover/paperback edition of the ESV Study Bible, Personal Size.  It provides an opportunity to own the best study Bible available at an affordable price.  You can find it on Amazon, CBD, and WTS Books.  


4 thoughts on “ESV Study Bible Paperback Available

  1. Hello,
    To my understanding or from reformed red flags I’ve gathered well this version the ESV favors moderate Calvinism. Is this true?

  2. Mrs. A, Is your question directed at the text of the ESV or the ESV study notes? There are no Calvinistic or Arminian Bible translations. As far as the study notes, the ESV study Bible note contributors are from a pretty broad evangelical perspective. What are a couple examples of the “reformed red flags” that have led you to conclude that the ESV favors moderate Calvinism? And what do you mean by “moderate Calvinism”?

  3. Hello,
    Thanks for the prompt reply. Sorry I wasn’t a little more clear but I was referring to the ESV Study Bible not as a translation. Another reformed red flag was something like … strategy of “converting” members to the Doctrines of Grace. In mentioning moderate Calvinism meaning adhering to 4 of the acronyms of theTULIP(with Limited Atonement being the exception) but as I ponder all five points of Calvinism or Reformed Theology may be the case.
    Thanks again for the reply and hope the above makes better sense.

  4. Mrs. A.,

    Any study Bible notes will be theologically informed, it’s inescapable. Are the ESV study bible editors seeking to convert people to a moderate calvinist position? I’m not convinced this is the case. In the final analysis, the text of Scripture must be the final arbiter of a theological position.

    Grace and Peace to you.


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