A View from the Friendly Skies

The airplane ride home today was “low” according to the pilot.  He was trying to avoid turbulence.  So there we were, soaring at a mere 28,000 feet (over 5 miles) in the air.  Things are so small from that height.  Just tiny.  What are large, sprawling buildings from the ground look like little insignificant Lego blocks.  You can’t make out much else.  Cars, homes, and people are reduced to specs–hardly a blip on the radar.

This is the perspective from 28,000 feet in the air.

How small must we appear from the heights of heaven, the abode of God?  We are so, so small.  Yet God loves us and is even now not only orchestrating the affairs of the entire human race but also at work in your life and mine.  Wow!  What an amazing thought that God, immense as He is (1 Kings 8:27), small as we are (Psalm 8:4), is pleased to make us His own (John 1:12).

What a great view from the friendly skies!  Thanks God for giving the gift of Yourself to such a small and insignificant person like me (1 Peter 3:18).


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