A Gracious Disturbance

So Michael Horton expresses it in the introduction to his new book, The Gospel Commission.  It has piqued my interest.

A gracious disturbance is at work in the world today. With the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the age to come has broken into this present evil age. It’s not business as usual.  God isn’t coming alongside us to empower us for our projects of personal and social transformation.  God did not become flesh and suffer an ignominious death at our hands so that we could have sprawling church campuses, programs, and budgets. There’s something more profound–more radical–going on.  But what is it? . . . It is a profound disturbance of our lives and our world: disorienting, dividing, and delivering us from the supposed givens of what we thought were reality (Michael Horton, The Gospel Commission [Grand Rapids: Baker, 2011], 7).


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