A Muslim Cleric’s Tears of Joy upon Hearing of a Christian’s Death Sentence

You may already be familiar with Asia Bibi.  She was jailed in June 2009 and sentenced to death in November 2010.  In response to Muslim women who were taunting her for being a Christian Bibi said, “Our Christ sacrificed his life on the cross for our sins.  What has your prophet done for you?  Our Christ is alive.  Your prophet is dead.  Our Christ is the true prophet of God and yours is not true” (Voice of the Martyrs [February 2011], 8).  Charges were brought against her under Pakistan’s oppressive blasphemy law.  Her situation has received national and international attention; even the Pope has chimed in

What has received less attention is the cold response of the town cleric, Qari Muhammad Salim, who initially reported her to police. Upon hearing the news of Bibi’s death sentence, Salim called her death sentence one of the happiest moments of his life.  He told CNN, “Tears of joy poured from my eyes.” 

The perception of unbelievers in Islam under Mohammed’s teaching and the view of unbelievers in Christianity under Christ’s teaching are as different as night and day as evidenced in the followers.  Salim cried tears of joy for the death sentence of an “infidel”, who he wishes to squelch by force.  The Apostle Paul weeps over those who are perishing, longing for their conversion through faith in Christ (cf. Acts 20:31; Romans 10:1).


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