Christmas Meditation: Complications

This is simply not how it’s supposed to be, the young husband thinks to himself.  We’re newly married, we have a toddler, and now we have to move?  We’re supposed to be settling down, not moving to a neighboring country for who knows how long.  Where will we live?  How will I care for my family?  I don’t need these complications right now.   

“Mary.  Mary.  Wake up.   Grab your things.  Bring Jesus with you.  I’ve saddled our donkey.  We have to go to Egypt.  Our child’s life is in danger.  Herod wants to kill him.”

“Joseph, it is the middle of the night.  Are you sure?” 

“Yes.  An angel from the Lord appeared to me in a dream.  He warned me about this and instructed us to go to Egypt.  We are to stay there until He tells us it is time to leave.” 

Matthew 2:13-15 is the passage that details Mary and Joseph’s flight to Egypt.  They were quickly beginning to realize that being the parents of the long-awaited Messiah wasn’t such a glamorous calling.  In this case, it kind of complicated things.  In one sense, Mary and Joseph did what any loving parent would have done, angel warning or not.  They protected their Son.  It just so happens that Joseph and Mary were given specific instructions.  The first Christmas was filled with complications.  Undoubtedly, this Christmas season, just as in any season, there will be complications in your life too.

The presence of Jesus in your life may not iron out the wrinkles of life.  Indeed, it may generate some additional wrinkles.  Nevertheless, these complications are what God uses to carry out His good purposes in our lives.  The complications reveal if we are ready to listen and respond to the Lord just as Mary and Joseph had to do.  So amidst the complications of this season and in any season remember that God’s hand, though invisible, is orchestrating the affairs of your life.  May we have Mary’s spirit as we are faced with these complications.  “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; be it to me according to your word” (Luke 1:38).


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