Happy Fourth Birthday Bible Baptist Church

Four years ago today, we launched Bible Baptist Church of Otsego, MN out of Fourth Baptist Church of Plymouth, MN.  According to a document published by Ed Stetzer and Warren Bird, The State of Church Planting in the United States: Research Overview and Qualitative Study of Primary Church Planting Entities, Stetzer and Bird’s research revealed that,  

around 68 percent of church plants still exist four years after having been started.

The chart below shows the Percent Church Plants Survived By Year

We certainly don’t think that we are indispensable in the program of God.  But we desire to be used mightily of Him so long as we are serving His purposes in our generation.  To be like a vine that God raises up that covers those around us with its shade and compels those who behold it to give credit to the Vine-dresser (cf. Psalm 80:8-10).

As of this post we are conducting a membership class, various ministries are going, we are involved in outreach, people are hungry for the Word, and mentoring is going on.  Things are certainly not perfect and we need to continue to grow in grace individually and corporately.  Nevertheless, I’m grateful to see progress.  I have an intense desire and a genuine passion to see God do great things through our congregation for the sake of His name.  There is much to be done.  Ministry is a risky business that requires a risk-taking faith.  May God grant us a faith that is bold and willing to take risks to reach people for Christ in the years ahead.


2 thoughts on “Happy Fourth Birthday Bible Baptist Church

  1. Praise the Lord!

    For years, it had been my prayer that a Biblically-sound church would be started in the Monticello area. Then, to my great delight, a fellow volunteer at the WCTS 2007 sharathon told me about the recent planting of Bible Baptist! My prayer was no longer that a local church would be formed but for the Lord’s blessings upon the congregation who gathered in His name, worshiping & glorifying Him.

    It was wonderful to finally meet you & your family when you spoke at Faith Baptist in St. Paul. And even though I didn’t have the chance to say hello, it was good to see you again when you were at Sharathon 2010.

    I continue to keep your church in my prayers as you seek to bring others to Christ. Have a blessed day in the Lord.

  2. Thank you Natilee. You communicate a passion for the Lord and His work. Your prayers on our behalf mean more than you know. Please continue to keep us before our Heavenly Father. Thanks for your kind note and stopping by.

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