Roman Newsletter – Summer 2010

Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support.

You can click here to view our most recent newsletter.

You can click here to view pictures from our VBS.

Have a great summer!


2 thoughts on “Roman Newsletter – Summer 2010

  1. Hello Doug & Julie: Reading your Newsletter was a real treat. Great to hear about VBS, the increase in visitors and giving, your summer ministries, and your “slow-down-therapy” for the summer months. Great idea, and absolutely necessary, if we are going to “recharge the battery” for ministry during the school year. This is a lesson that came all too slowly to me. I’m glad you’re learning it at a much younger age.

    Marie and I pray for the two of you many times every week. We did so this morning. We thank God for your commitment to church planting in general, and to Bible Baptist Church in particular.

    Be assured of our love and prayers for you, the family, and the body of believers.

    Doug & Marie McLachlan

  2. Thanks so much for your note Dr. McLachlan. We cherish your prayers. Our ministry will move ahead by the gracious hand of our God–thank you so much for praying.

    It was so good to see you and Marie and the Seddons a few weeks ago. Julie and I owe so much to you and Marie. You were just the ones we needed to guide us during the years under your ministry. We thank God for you both and remain in your debt.

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