The Church: Supplemental Biblical Instruction

In this post Dagg speaks to the value of Bible study with three instructions:

  1. There should be times of Bible study outside of the “public ministrations of the word.”  Whether it be by individuals, classes, or Sunday School/Christian Education classes.
  2. The teachers should not always be given over the young.  “Gray heads” should impart Biblical instruction seasoned with a years of living out the truths he is teaching.  
  3. Good Christian reading material should accompany Bible study.  It’s good for a church to have a library with resources that the congregation can borrow.  

Besides the public ministrations of the word, other means of promoting religious knowledge ought to receive attention and support of the churches. The study of the Bible ought to be encouraged, whether by individuals, by Bible classes, or by Sunday schools. It is a great fault if the work of instructing is entirely given up to the young. Let the heads which have grown gray in the service if the Lord, bow with pleasure to impart instruction to the opening minds of the rising generation, and sow in this promising soil the seed which will produce a rich harvest, when the gray-haired instructor shall have gone to his eternal reward. Let the circulation of good religious books and periodical publications be promoted, and a spirit of religious inquiry be fostered in every proper way. Let men be taught, both by the words and the deeds of those who claim to be Christ’s, that religion is the chief concern.


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