The Sexual Past of a Potential Future Spouse

Russell Moore, a Baptist pastor, educator, and author, answers inquiries received on “Questions & Ethics.”  This week’s question dealt with the question, “How Much Do I Need to Know About My Potential Spouse’s Sexual Past?”  Moore’s answer is filled with wise practical and Biblical counsel.  Good direction if you’re thinking through this question.  Here are some samplings from the exchange:

A summary of the young lady’s question:

My question: should I ask him about his past? If so, how should I ask it, and at what point in the relationship?

Snippets of Moore’s answer:

Having said that, though, this question can be very dangerous for you, at this point.

A man who will brush off past fornication as “no big deal” from which he’s “moved on” is a man with a conscience trained to do the same thing with future adultery.

As the discernment process continues, though, your need to know further will expand. By that time, you will know more about the character and trajectory of this man.

You are not “owed” a virgin because you are. Your sexual purity wasn’t part of a quid pro quo in which God would guarantee you a sexually unbroken man. Your sexual purity is your obligation as a creature of God.

HT: Tim Challies


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