Are You Biblically / Theologically Literate?

We concluded a study on Basic Christian Doctrine on Thursday nights this week (2/25).  I handed out a test for everyone to take.  You can obtain a pdf copy here and the answers here.  I’ve included the questions on the quiz below.  Are you biblically/theologically literate? 

The Bible

  • Inerrancy means that the Bible tells the _______________.
  • List two references that teach the Bible is inspired:

The Trinity

  • Provide one verse that teaches “oneness-in-threeness.”

The Person of Christ

  • How many natures did Christ have?
  • How much of each did He have? 
  • Provide at least one text on the deity of Christ.
  • Provide at least one text on the humanity of Christ.
  • Give me a verse that summarizes both.

The Work of Christ

  • What work did Christ perform in the past?
  • What work does Christ perform in the present?
  • What work will Christ perform in the future?


  • How many angels are there?
  • T or F: The Devil is God’s evil peer


  • What does very person have that distinguishes man from animals (see Genesis 1:26-27). 
  • How many parts comprise man?  Support with a passage or two.
  • What is man’s purpose?  Support with a Bible passage.


  • Define sin.
  • What does Psalm 51:5 teach us about original sin?
  • How has sin affected every person? 


  • Define the gospel and list at least one passage that supports your definition.
  • Can a true believer fully or finally fall away?  Provide Scripture.
  • What is a synonym for faith?

The Church

  • What is the mission of the church to the lost?  What is the mission of the church to the saved?

Future Events

  • What are the two final destinies?
  • What is the duration of each destiny?  Provide Scripture.

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