A Chilly Morning with Good Men

The men of our church meet monthly to discuss a chapter of Paul Tripp’s A Quest for More.  I have really enjoyed these times with the men who attend.

It was (is) a little cool this morning.  Here’s a screenshot of the temp this morning.  It beats the temperature posted two years ago


  • Sunday, January 3, woke up to -24 degrees again.
  • Monday, January 4, a warming trend, woke up to -17 degrees.
  • Tuesday, January 5, more global warming, -6 degrees.
  • Wednesday, January 6, better yet, -1 degree.
  • Thursday, January 7, finally, 7 degrees above zero!
  • Friday, January 8, here we go again, -6 degrees.
  • Saturday, January 9, same old, same old, -7 degrees.