Deer Hunting 2009

Well, here’s a rundown of this year’s hunting season . . .

Wednesday, November 4
Scouting. I sat on my stand late in the day.  Two does came out just before dark. One was pretty close to the stand.  It’s always exciting to see deer.

Friday, November 6
Scouting. I sat on my stand on the eve of opening day. A fork buck walked through the pond area at 4:45pm.

Saturday, November 7
Opener. I kicked up a deer on the way out to my stand in the morning. I think it was a buck but not sure. I only saw the flag! Later that morning, the neighbor shot the fork buck I saw the evening before. I wondered if I kicked up that buck in the morning and he ended up running to the neighbor’s. Who knows?

At noon a buck came out from the swamp headed toward the pond area. He stopped to smell some scent I had put down. I took a shot while he was still outside of the pond area. He jumped up, hunched, and kicked his back legs out. I thought for sure I hit him. I saw him run off and lost sight of him. I got off the stand to look for sign but no blood, no hair—nothing. I walked a few steps in the direction he ran and still no sign. After an hour and a half of looking, no deer. I was clinically depressed on Saturday!

Monday, November 9
Evening hunt. No sightings.

Tuesday, November 10
Quiet morning, until 7:45am. A doe and a buck were headed my way, but behind me. I looked and saw her and then I saw him! The biggest buck I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. They were not far away. The doe seemed to want to come into the pond but I heard her stomping, not sure why (I couldn’t see her because she was just about under my stand). She worked her away around to the other side of my stand behind me. The buck was watching her. I grabbed my gun and tried to turn around to get a shot on him. He started to work his way away from me, evidently sensing something is not right. No shot. Major bummer.

Friday, November 13
Evening hunt. Mild temperatures but cloudy and drizzly. At 4:45pm heard movement to my left. I saw a doe coming and heard a deer behind her, figured it was a buck. Both were headed toward the pond. As soon as she gave me a shot coming into the pond I took it. I was sure I hit her and she ran off like she was hit. The buck behind her stopped but didn’t run off. He was in the woods so I didn’t have a clean shot. I got off my stand and checked for blood where I hit the doe—no sign again! I was thinking unpleasant thoughts at this point—“how could I have missed, no way!” I walked just outside the pond and there she was! It was a beautiful sight to behold. Turned out to be a double lung shot. I praised God for allowing me to harvest this deer.

Saturday, November 14
Hoping to harvest a buck. Quiet morning, quiet afternoon. Evening hunt not so. At 5:00pm a nice buck comes out working his way from my left to right, but behind me. I tried again to get a shot behind me but he never gave me one and instead of coming toward the pond, moved away from the pond. He wasn’t that big one, but he was a nice one, but it wouldn’t happen. The sun had set on my deer hunting season.

There you have it, deer hunting 2009. We’ll see what happens in 2010.


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