Al Mohler Provides and Evaluates Statistics on Homeschooling

On June 3 Al Mohler highlighted some of the results of a recently published review by the US Department of Education. 

There are some promising trends in homeschooling from the number of homeschoolers to the quality of homeschool education. 

As he evaluates the statistics Mohler observes,

Homeschooling is now a major force in American education, and Christian parents have been in the vanguard of this movement.  For many Christian parents, homeschooling represents the fulfillment of the biblical mandate for parents to teach their children.  These parents deserve our respect, our support, our advocacy, and our prayers.  This movement is a sign of hope on our educational horizon, and a phenomenon that can no longer be dismissed as a fringe movement.

As president of a seminary and college, I can attest to the fact that questions about the educational aptitude of homeschooled students are now settled.  These students can hold their own as compared to students from all other educational backgrounds.  One other fact speaks loudly to me concerning their education.  Most of the homeschooled students I meet at the college and graduate levels indicate an eager determination to homeschool their own children when that time comes.


4 thoughts on “Al Mohler Provides and Evaluates Statistics on Homeschooling

  1. I really like Al Mohler’s comments and agree with most of them.

    And while I think all indicators point towards a truly promising future for homschooling, I still don’t think that homeschooling is CURRENTLY a major force in American education, as Mohler mentions.

    Yes, it’s true that growth rates of homeschool enrollment are high. But I would still say that total enrollment of homeschooled students (even when counting homeschooled students in those states that don’t require registration) represents less than 5% of total public/private school enrollment K-12.

    When total enrolled homeschooled students reach levels of 10%, THEN I would think that Mohler’s comment on homeschooling being a major force in American education would be more accurate.

  2. Your point is well taken. Statistically, one can argue that even at 10% it is still significantly in the minority though. Perhaps what makes it a major force is the momentum that is carrying the movement forward. As Mohler pointed out there are a number of factors that go into this momentum, from Christian to cultural. I, with you, hope the progress of the movement continues.

  3. Doug,

    I agree with your comments regarding the momentum behind homeschooling – no doubt it’s very impressive and I’m glad to be a part of it (virtual high-five!).

    As for my comment re: 10% – yes, it’s still small, and it may just be the accountant in me since that percentage is where we (as accountants) see things becoming more significant.

    At the same time, it’s been my experience (not just from accounting, but life) that at 10% of any percentage of total, that people tend to begin to recognize that something big may be happening…reasonable people may disagree.

  4. I agree. A 10% threshold will definitely cause people to take notice. I’ve been very encouraged by the quality of the resources and the robust network of homeschoolers. Let’s keep at it!

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