Be Careful What or Who You Treasure

Psalm 115:1-8 reminds us that false gods are impersonal, indeed non-existent.  So the psalmist says:

They have mouths, but do not speak, eyes, but do not see. [6] They have ears, but do not hear; noses, but do not smell. [7] They have hands, but do not feel; feet, but do not walk; and they do not make a sound in their throat (Psalm 115:5-7, ESV)

Yet, each of us are hard-wired to be image-bearers (Genesis 1:27).  We resemble who or what we treasure. 

Those who make [idols] become like them; so do all who trust in them (Psalm 115:8)

In his book, A Quest for More, Paul David Tripp elaborates:

Psalm 115 teaches many things, but one of the most important is this principle: you become like the treasure that you seek.  It is an eloquent and accurate principle.  When I live for material things, I increasingly become a materialistic person.  I start to care about things more than people, thus becoming like the things I crave.  Similarly, the person who lives for the little kingdom treasure of control ill inevitably bcome  power-obsessed, controlling person.  Someone who gets his identity and meaning from relationships will become driven by what people think of him, living in an unending fear of man.

Rather than developing the traits of Christian character, which are the result of pursuing and treasuring Christ, I will take on the qualities of my Christ-replacement.  This is why so many people in our churches are not growing in Christlikeness.  To the degree that Jesus is not the treasure I seek, I will not be progressively taking on his likeness.  Instead, I will begin to look more and more like the treasure of the kingdom of self that I am actually living for (Paul David Tripp, A Quest for More, 79-80). 

A stanza from the chorus, You Are My All In All, comes to mind,

You are my strength when I am weak, You are the treasure that I seek; You are my all in all; Seeking you as a precious jewel; Lord, to give up I’d be a fool; You are my all in all.

May we increasingly treasure Christ above all else and become more and more like Him.


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