2008 Bible Conference Audio – Christians as Citizens and Strangers

We just concluded our 2008 Bible Conference with Dr. Paul Hartog.  It was a great conference.  I’ve included links to the audio on our podcast page.  I hope you enjoy his sessions.  I’ve also included some information about Dr. Hartog and the conference as well.

Conference Overview: Christians are citizens of heaven, yet they live as resident aliens on earth.  In the mid-first century, the Apostle Paul wrote a letter to established Christians in the Roman colony of Philippi, highlighting their role as heavenly citizens on earth.  Around the same time, the Apostle Peter wrote a letter to suffering Christians in modern-day Turkey, describing their role as “sojourners” and “strangers” (resident aliens) in their culture.  How do Christians function as both “heavenly citizens” and as “resident aliens” on earth?  How are Christians to live out the Gospel in the wider culture?  Dr. Paul Hartog will seek to answer these and other questions throughout the conference.

Dr. Paul Hartog serves as an Associate Professor at Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary (Ankeny, IA).  He has earned M.A. and M.Div. degrees in theological studies (Faith), an M.A. in history (Iowa State University), a Th.M. in Ethics (St. Andrew’s Theological College), and a Ph.D. in New Testament and Early Christianity (Loyola University, Chicago).  Dr. Hartog has also ministered as an assistant pastor in Baptist churches in Slater, IA; Romeoville, IL; and Grimes, IA.  He has been married to his sweetheart Alne for twelve years, and they are blessed with three children.

Conference Audio: You can access all four sessions from this link or individually below

Friday, October 31, 7:00pm: “Citizens of Heaven: Conduct and the Gospel

Saturday, November 1, 6:00pm: “Citizens of Heaven: Harmony and Destiny


Sunday, November 2, 8:45am: “Strangers on Earth: Fortifying Virtues


Sunday, November 2, 10:00am: “Strangers on Earth: Shining Testimonies


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