Adoniram Judson’s Worthy Question

On occasion, I read a missionary biography to my kids before bed.  They’ve grown to enjoy these brief biographical accounts.  I found them on  This website contains Missionary Hero stories for children.  They are excerpts from Fifty Missionary Heroes Every Boy and Girl Should Know by Julia H. Johnston.


In Adoniram Judson’s life story, we are told that he lived with one question in mind . . .

At ten this boy studied Latin and Greek, and at sixteen he went to Brown University, from which he was graduated, as valedictorian of his class, when he was nineteen. He was a great student, loving study, and ambitious to do and be something very grand and great indeed. Two years after this, he became a Christian, and then came a great longing to be a minister, and he studied diligently with this end in view. There was one question which this splendid young man asked about everything, and this was, “Is it pleasing to God?” He put this question in several places in his room so that he would be sure to see and remember it.

So after reading Judson’s story, we printed out pages for our kids with this question on it and 1 Corinthians 10:31 right under it.  Each of them has this question posted on the wall by their bed.  Our desire is that we cultivate in them a desire to fulfill their chief end in life, which is to live lives pleasing to the One for whom they exist (1 Corinthians 8:6).  Here’s a copy of what we provided to our children in case you want to have this worthy question before you too.



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