Roman Newsletter – August 2008

You can read our August 2008 newsletter by clicking here.  Thanks for keeping up on us and the ministry.


5 thoughts on “Roman Newsletter – August 2008

  1. Dear Doug and Julie: It was a delight to read your Newsletter. It’s obvious to us that God’s good hand is on the two of you, and on the work of Bible Baptist. Thanks for your commitment to the solid exposition of truth and the passionate exaltation of God. Thanks, too, for your heart for ministry in the church and mission in the world. Marie and I are remembering to pray faithfully for you and Julie, the children and the church.

    Please greet the brothers and sisters in Christ there for us. We send our love and prayers.
    Doug & Marie McLachlan

  2. Dear Pastor and Marie,

    Your prayers mean a great deal to us. We are sincerely grateful for them. I also be sure to pass along your greetings to the church body.


    Doug Roman

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