Brothers and Sisters, Let Us Choose Life and Blessing

I read from Jeremiah 25 this morning.  Here are six observations that I made from the chapter:

  1. God always has a witness in the world and among His people (v. 4; cf. Acts 14:17)
  2. God desires to shower His people with blessings, which comes as a result of heeding the words of the Lord (vv. 5-6)
  3. Man has a heart that is so perverse that it perpetually seeks inordinate pleasure, even if what it pursues is paltry compared to what God gives and even if it brings harm due to disobedience (v. 7; cf. Jeremiah 17:9.  The phrase “stubbornly follow their own heart” is found throughout the book of Jeremiah [3:17; 9:14; 13:10; 23:17])
  4. God will not be mocked and the day of mercy will pass (v. 8 )
  5. The nations are instruments in the hands of the Lord to accomplish His purposes, including carrying out judgment on His people for their disobedience (vv. 15-16; 27-28 )
  6. The judgment of God is fatal and final (vv. 33-38 )

The message of Jeremiah 25 is sobering.  It reveals a God who desires to bless His people, but they refuse and choose to revel in the rubbish of this world rather than the rich blessings of God.  Their reward is upon their shoulders.  As Christians, let us choose life.  Christ offers us life abundant.  Let’s pursue it with great ardor.  “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Psalm 16:11, ESV).

As a pastor I was also challenged and encouraged by the faithfulness of Jeremiah.  He had been declaring “Thus says the LORD” faithfully for 23 years (v. 3a) regardless of their failure and their inability to respond (cf. Jeremiah 1:17-19; 4:22; 6:10).  I was encouraged to pray for the congregation that the Lord has set me over that they would receive the word of the Lord with great gladness and that I would with equally great delight declare it faithfully to them.


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