What Can We Learn from an Octogenarian on Love and Marraige?

I listened to a seminar by Steve Shank titled “Watch Your Marriage” delivered at the Leadership Conference 2007, Sovereign Grace Ministries.  You can find all of the seminars from the conference here and link to this session here.


Steve closes his session by sharing the final birthday card his grandfather gave to his grandmother.  Shortly after his grandfather passed away, Steve and his father found a shoe box which contained letters and correspondence from his grandfather to his grandmother, who died two years before her husband.  When he penned this brief note, he was 80 years old and had been married to “mom” for 55 years.  

Hi Mom,


So you have another birthday?  Yes, they keep coming.  Yes, we have traveled a long way together; over rough places and smooth; over mountain tops and deep valleys.  Yes, we have experienced heat and cold; we have seen dark clouds and bright sunshine but through it all we have weathered the storms together.  And were it my lot to cease life as it is and start all over again and had I had a hundred from which to choose, I would bypass 99 and choose the one I chose 55 years ago.


Sincerely, with love,



Will I write these kinds of notes to my wife when I’m 80, if the Lord tarries and he gives me breath?  Am I writing them now?  If not, today would be a great time for me to start.  Paul says “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her” (Ephesians 5:25, ESV).


2 thoughts on “What Can We Learn from an Octogenarian on Love and Marraige?

  1. Thanks Pastor Roman,

    Both Kathee and I were blessed with parents who were married 50+ years and stuck to the vows of “til death do us part”. My Dad died 1 day after their 57th wedding anniversary.

    God bless you!


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