What is Christianity Like Around the World?

It is natural for us to think that life in America is representative of the rest of the world.  However, we are often reminded through images and news stories that life in America is an exception rather than the norm.  This is also true of American Christianity.  The freedoms and priveleges that we have in our great country to worship God and live out our faith are nearly unprecendeted around the world, particulaly when compared to Muslim nations.  There are two resources that I would like to commend to you to keep a pulse on what Christians are facing around the world and how vast and untouched the mission field really is.

First, I subscribe to the Voice of the Martyrs newsletter. It is free, easy, and you can register online.  You will be stunned by how many Christians are valiantly living out their faith in the face of moderate to severe persecuction.  It is a remider for us to pray for and live like them (cf. Hebrews 13:3).

Second, the Joshua Project provides a resource to view the incredible number of unreached people groups.  It is simply astounding to consider the sheer number of souls who have yet to be made aware of their sinful condition and the salvation God provided for them in Jesus Christ.  We must not lose sight of the local need (and it is great!), but we should be also be equipping believers in our churches to meet the global need.  Maybe it’s you or me who will be sent to these regions to have a small part in bring the message of John 12:32 and 1 John 2:2 culminatng in Revelation 7:9-11.     


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