Roman Newsletter – March 2008

Dear Friends, 

Here is our most recent newsletter

We are looking forward to our upcoming services on Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Resurrection Sunday.  We have been involved in Reaching Our Jerusalem over the last four Saturday mornings to distribute literature door-to-door about our church, the gospel, and our upcoming Easter services.   Please pray that we will see a good number of visitors with us during these special services.

Rejoice! for our King lives and reigns!


One thought on “Roman Newsletter – March 2008

  1. Dear Doug & Julie: It was a delight to read your recent prayer letter. Marie & I picked it upn Saturday evening and we were thrilled to read of the progress Bible Baptist Church is making. It was a great delight to read of Sharon Gore’s witness, and of the fruit which came from it. The baptism, I’m sure was a rich blessing to personally as well as to the whole church body. Even though we are in FL for several weeks, and out of the Twin Cities region for a good portion of the year, we are not forgetting to pray for the two of you and for the ministry of the church. I’m thrilled to hear of your continuing efforts at outreach to the community throug ROJ.

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Please greet our brothers and sisters in Christ at the church for us. I will be at Fourth Baptist at the end of the month for the Men for
    Christ Rally, with a quick trip up & a quick trip back.

    Marie & I send our love and prayers!

    Doug & Marie Mclachlan

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